Nutrition Support
(Cancer, Malnutrition) 

Nutrition support is required when a person is not meeting their nutritional requirements and extra assistance is required to ensure their nutritional requirements are met. Nutrition support can be given orally, through a feeding tube, or intravenously through the veins if the digestive system is not able to be used or the person is unable to eat. Some health conditions that may need nutrition support include cancer (oncology), malnutrition, and renal disease (chronic kidney disease).


Nutritional strategies will be developed to ensure you are meeting your nutritional requirements. Diet requirements vary depending on the severity of the condition, therefore a multi-phase approach to diet progression will be undertaken. During the assessment, an in depth analysis will be conducted, with a focus on your weight and body measurements and diet history. An individualised plan will be developed, taking into account your lifestyle, culture and eating habits to ensure achievable goals.


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