Food Intolerance


A food intolerance is a chemical reaction that occurs when a person has a reaction to chemicals that are found naturally in foods or by chemicals that are added to foods, and does not involve the immune system. Common natural chemicals that may cause a reaction include salicylates (found in a wide variety of herbs, spices, fruit and vegetables), amines (found in pineapple, bananas, vegetables, red wine, chocolate, citrus fruits, and mature cheeses), and glutamates (found in tomatoes, soy sauce, mushroom, and some cheeses). Common food additives that may cause a reaction include preservatives, artificial colours, and flavour enhancers such as monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Food intolerance reactions usually occur depending on the amount of food the person has eaten. A reaction occurs depending on the amount of chemicals in the person’s body, also known as the dose threshold. Therefore, different people may tolerate different amounts of the chemicals in their body. Common symptoms include headaches and migraines, diarrhoea, sweating, rashes, and breathing problems.


Nutritional strategies will be developed to help identify the specific food/s in your diet that are causing an intolerance and help minimise symptoms. During the assessment, an in depth analysis will be conducted, with a focus on your diet history. An individualised plan will be developed, taking into account your lifestyle, culture and eating habits to ensure achievable goals.


Food Intolerance – Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology & Allergy


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