Cancellation Policy

Nutrition Simplified operates a cancellation policy for all appointments scheduled with our practice. Re-scheduling or cancellation to an existing scheduled appointment 24 hours before scheduled appointment, and non-attendance of a scheduled appointment without notice will strictly incur a cancellation fee. A cancellation fee is payable by the client, regardless of how the cost of the sessions are arranged to be covered (e.g., Medicare, Private Health Insurance). Nutrition Simplified has the right to deny scheduling of further appointments until outstanding fees are paid and is at the discretion of the Practice Manager. Under exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Practice Manager, the cancellation fee may be waived.


1. You. Addressing your nutritional issues requires commitment to your treatment. Progress simply cannot be made if you do not attend your consultations, as scheduled as momentum of treatment is lost.

2. Other clients. There are clients, which might be on a waiting list for an earlier appointment, and these clients are missing out on an earlier appointment they need. With sufficient notice of cancellation, we are able to offer this earlier appointment to them, however without sufficient notice, this is very difficult for us to do.

3. The Dietitian. Inadequate notice of change to appointments and non-attendance is disruptive to the Dietitians time whom has allocated your consultation time to you to help you achieve your treatment goals.

We now provide you extra appointment reminders to help you remember your appointment.
Leading up to your appointment:
We will send you a courtesy reminder via SMS & E-mail prior to appointment. You do not need to respond to these reminders if you plan to keep your appointment at this point.
The day before:
We will then send you an SMS to confirm your appointment the day prior to your scheduled appointment requiring you to reply ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ to confirm your attendance.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you attend your appointment as scheduled, or to provide sufficient notice of change to appointment directly to the practice to avoid cancellation fee.


  • On your fridge or bathroom mirror, or somewhere else where you will see this regularly.
  • In your diary or calendar that you use.
  • In your phone calendar, and set an alarm reminder for the appointment.
  • Ensure that your appointment does not conflict with other commitments.